Usually an iPhone 4 case serves just one purpose: basic protection. If you want to attach it to a strap or a stand, you will need to completely dismount the system and re-attach it to something else. This cumbersome process is not just a major hassle but also requires users to spend a lot of money on a variety of accessories. However, those looking for a case that provides unprecedented functionality and eliminates the need for extra accessories in the process should look no further, thanks to the SportShell Convertible iPhone 4 Case.

Key Features

• Includes a 360° rotating clip back piece that attaches to the included armband, or to a belt, purse, bag or strap
• Rotating clip locks in place to stand the iPhone vertically or horizontally at 120° – designed for display or FaceTime
• Includes a detachable reflective armband that quickly releases and attaches
• 2mm thin shell
• Weighs 0.9oz with flat back piece
• Weighs 1.2oz with adjustable clip back piece


• Rigid polycarbonate shell offers front, back and side protection from impact and scratching
• Reflective armband to protect the iPhone 4 from perspiration
• Includes a flat back piece for protection

The best thing about the SportShell is that it can be used in virtually any situation. With the Armband, you can use the iPhone while exercising or cycling. Meanwhile, the clip allows you to professionally place it on your belt or use it as a stand (vertically or horizontally), which is actually a much underrated function. The clip at the back is very sturdy and can easily be attached to a variety of clothing accessories as well, which means you do not need any other specialty devices to go with it.
The protection also seems sufficient to protect from low-impact damage. What is really impressive about the entire system is that it only costs $44.99, which is relatively low for a kit that provides so many different functions.