Usually taking pictures of the stars or the planets is left to giant telescopes like the ones operated by NASA or the ESA. Now, however, a simple accessory promises to allow the iPhone in on the action as well: the Astroclip. This amazing accessory designed by Matthew Geyster, works on all types of telescopes that feature a 1.25-inch eyepiece.

The Astroclip, which is an injection molded plastic accessory fits the iPhone and then attaches to the eyepiece of a telescope. Moreover, it features three adjustment screws that help enhance the pictures taken by providing a better level of customization and stability. The pictures can be taken with amazing clarity and simplicity. Once you zero in on something you like, all you have to do is attach your iPhone and start taking some of the most breathtaking pictures that have inspired humanity since the beginning of time.   
The benefits of this simple piece of technology are amazing because up until now it was very impractical to take pictures without a specialized telescope or cumbersome camera accessories. By allowing users to use their iPhone accessories to snap pictures of the cosmos, the Astroclip is bound to create an entire wave of new enthusiasts and liberate the market for pictures that are literally out of this world.

Users can now take pictures of the stars, edit them on the iPhone and share them on-line with their friends in way that was simply not possible before this. This is certainly a boon to amateur iPhone astronomers all over the world. For American astronomers, there is also an element of patriotic pride attached to the Astroclip, which is produced entirely in the USA. While, the economics of production have become largely irrelevant in a globalized world, it is a welcome symbolic gesture on the part of the inventor.
All those who are interested in the Astroclip can pre-order now through kickstarter. The Astroclip comes in two different colors: black or white.