We often get reports of how amazing the iPhone is or how practical potential iPhone apps are. However, you never really get to understand the benefits of an iPhone app until you see it work in the real world. One shocking example of this was the recent incident where a victim of a locker-room theft at the North Boulder Recreation Centre managed to track down the thief of his iPhone and other belongings to a Public library simply by using his “Find my iPhone” app. The thief was located and it was discovered that he was a suspect in a long string of thefts and burglaries.

It all started when Hugh Huffaker decided to check in at the North boulder Recreation centre with a few of his friends. After he deposited his iPhone, credit cards and other belongings in his locker, he went out for a few minutes. However, by the time he came back, all his belongings were gone. Fortunately, he remembered his “Find my iPhone” app and used the internet at the centre to track his iPhone via the in-built GPS system.
It turned out that the thief had gone to the public library. Two of Huffaker’s friends set out immediately and when they found the person, they called him and told him to activate the alarm on the phone. Once the alarm sounded, his friends cornered the man, who was then detained by the library security guards until the police came to arrest him.
The suspect was identified as Millhiser and it turned out that all of Huffakers’ items were in his bag. Right now, he is custody on $500 bail.
Huffaker admitted that the real reason he installed the app was simply that he was absent minded. In this case, the app brought a thief to justice. However, one can easily imagine some negative aspects of such apps, which can also be used to track innocent individuals.