Usually the demand for a product rises after it is actually launched. If this is the case, Apple’s new iPhone 5 will have a very strong surge in demand from all over the US.
A recent survey of 3,000 US consumers by the retail store indicated that 35 percent of shoppers play on buying an iPhone 5. Of these respondents, around half of them said they would want to buy it as soon as it is released while another 30 percent said they would want one by the beginning of 2012.

When asked about their smartphone platform, 48 percent of consumers responded that they would opt for an iOS device. Meanwhile another survey by Nielsen, indicated that 31.1 percent of users would opt for an Android phone as their next smart phone while 30 percent said they would choose the iPhone. This is very interesting because currently the Android platform is the more popular based on market volume.
Interestingly, the surveys not only indicated that a significant share of US consumers want an iPhone but it also indicated that the motivation to buy an iPhone is dependent on the expectations of better features like a longer battery life.
Perhaps the survey has been influenced by the new iPhone season and the non-stop rumors regarding the iPhone 5. However, whatever the case, Apple has definitely created a powerful aura around its products because people are willing to buy the iPhone 5 even before giving it enough time to be properly reviewed. However, this advantage seems to be decreasing because the percentage of iPhone fans who want to wait and see what the iPhone will look like without rushing to buy it is increasing.

Apple is also launching a volley of legal suits at its Android rivals in hopes of elevating the Apple brand against that of its competitors. Whatever the outcome, the next iPhone is guaranteed to get a warm response thanks to the amazing features and the brilliant marketing skills of Apple.