Users of iOS devices do not usually go easy on the camera quality (critics are even harsher). However, the truth is that the quality of the pictures does not necessarily depend solely on the hardware but also on techniques used to take the picture. The following are some helpful tips to improve your photographic experience with iOS.

Not the best stand-alone option
If you are going to take professional pictures with an iPhone then you are going to be disappointed. However, the camera is great for general conditions. So if you want to take a few pictures while hanging out with your friends, then the camera would be just fine. In addition, make sure that you have good light when taking a picture because the iPhone camera has improved but it is still not good enough for low-light pictures. Finally, set your flash to “manual” so you can have control over the lighting.
Do not flinch
When taking pictures, even a slight jerk at the last moment can ruin it. Therefore, always get into a proper position before taking the picture. This means holding your elbows steady and having a firm grip on your iPhone. The iOS 5 update will make things easier because you will be able to snap pictures using the volume control buttons. If you have a little extra cash, then get a tripod for the iPhone, which will ensure a more stable picture.
Move them closer together
When taking pictures we usually move around to get the best focus of the subjects. However, the problem is that all that moving and bending around can result in poor quality pictures. If you want, good pictures of a group of people then do your best to get them as close together as possible. Focus on your subjects at all time and make sure they are in the centre of the picture. This reduces the need to move around or engage in a lot of post-picture editing.
Manual Zoom
Yes the zoom function maybe cool but remember that it is best to use it as a last-resort. The best way to capture a picture is move close to it as possible. You will have to use your common sense on this one because obviously you will not be allowed to move close to your subject in all possible circumstances.
Dig into the Apps
The iPhone camera app is great to get started but if you want to have some fun or a better iOS camera experience, then you need to get yourself some high-end camera apps. Some of the most popular free camera apps include ones like Synthcam and just.SelfTimer. These apps may not improve the picture quality per ce, but they will improve your experience.