The best text messaging apps for the iPhone

Text messaging in the US is a rather expensive feature. Even the developing world outclasses US carriers in the text messaging dept. However, things are set to get worse as AT&T begins to “streamline” the company’s text messaging plans. This …

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AT&T Vice President confirms iPhone 5 October Release date

Apple thrives on myth and rumors. The brand has a particular type of exclusivity attached to it that really enhances its image amongst hardcore iPhone fans. Thus, very few other companies in the world are as heavily monitored as Apple. …

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Calorie Count app updated

The best way to reduce weight and stay healthy over a long period is to constantly monitor what we put into our bodies. Keeping track of all the food that we eat not only lets us examine the trends in …

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iFrogz expands its line of products for the iPhone and iPad

iFrogz, a company better known for its fine line of iPhone and iPad cases is finally beginning to refocus on its music accessories. The company has cleverly created a strategy emphasizing on style and culture in order to make …

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Free iPhone 3GS with AT&T contract via Best Buy

AT&T has revealed a new two year contract that features a free iPhone 3GS. The new contract will be launched on Best Buy on Monday according to Tech Buffalo.

The strategy does make a lot of sense, Apple wants to …

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Five random iPhone apps that could make your life easier and more entertaining

No matter what line of work you are in, there is probably an iPhone app out there for you. The best thing about iPhone apps in general is that it suits virtually every situation: travel, entertainment, productivity, news, etc. The …

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McAfee releases new iPhone security app to protect against data theft

McAfee has long been a giant in the PC security industry. It has a fine line of security software programs for both on-line and off-line use. Now the company plans on entering the smart phone market. Smartphones are becoming more …

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Apple filing reveals iPhone carrier ranking concept

As of now, whenever a person decides to buy an iPhone, he or she will have to manually compare the prices and features of the competing service providers. However, this process is expensive and time consuming. Moreover, given the complexity …

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Three accessories that will be perfect for the new semester at college

Students all over the country will be heading in droves to college but to get the best of the iPhone in this new and challenging environment, you need the right kind of accessories.



 iTunesU is a giant database …

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New Amazon iPhone app for college students

As students get ready to head to college, retailers are already beginning to scramble to get their attention. There will be plenty of gadgets, textbooks, clothes and other important college essentials that must be bought in order to stay one-step …

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