The iPad can fulfill many roles but entertainment is one of the most important features. Naturally, there are two very important features that need to be taken care of: video and audio. While the video is stunning enough on the iPad, the sound quality is best enhanced through a speaker dock. In essence, you can transform your humble iPad into a fully-fledged speaker system for the entire household. In the hunt for the perfect speaker dock, fans might be impressed with the upcoming Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge (SFQ-02RB), which comes with a Bluetooth wireless system.

In addition to the iPad, Soundfreaq can also work with a number of other mobile devices including smartphones (Apple and Android), mobile phones, Tablet PCs (Apple and Andorid) and MacBooks as long as they have a Bluetooth feature. The system works from almost 10 meters away, so this gives you the ultimate level of flexibility and freedom. You can set it up at any part of the house or you can even control the system if your iPad is not in the same room.
The system will include a 2.1 speaker configuration including a sub-woofer and the famed UQ3 spatial sound enhancement that was developed by Soundfreaq. Going wireless doesn’t mean you will run out of battery power anytime soon because the system can provide around six hours of full-blown audio experience. It will also come with a USB charger, so you do not need any extra devices or wires.
The Sound Step Recharge by Soundfreaq will be available on Amazon from the 1st of August for $159.95. If you are in the UK, you can get your hands on the system via HMV UK for £149.99. Overall the Soundfreaq system is one of the most elegant and powerful devices on the market right now. The fact that it offers a very high quality wireless audio experience and it can be used with a variety of devices makes this one of the most attractive iPad accessories thus far.