The iPhone 4 is a marvel of 21st century technology. It incorporates security, entertainment and productivity in one single device. You can work with it, play with it and just have an amazing time without compromising on the benefits or services. The style of the iPhone 4 also aptly represents this idea. On the other hand, traditional leather bound books bring out a sense of nostalgia, and is just amazing to hold. The texture is set to remind us of decades or even centuries gone past; our amazing journey as a species.
The reason I have brought these two very different things up is that now there is an iPhone accessory that can combine the technological brilliance of the iPhone 4 with the warm feeling of a leather-bound book: the BookBook vintage case.
The BookBook case allows you to walk around with your iPhone 4 securely held within a high quality leather case. When you open it up, it looks as if you are reading a book, except you will be flipping through a touch-screen wonder. The BookBook also features slots for your id, debit cards, credit, cards and cash. By combing your wallet with your iPhone, this nice little accessory will reduce the length of your pre-travel checklist while giving you unprecedented convenience.
However, do not let its vintage look fool you; this accessory was designed with your iPhone 4 in mind. The case securely holds down the iPhone and protects the screen. It also provides edge-to edge protection, meaning, your phone is secure from any unwanted scratches or bumps. You can also easily attach your headphones while the iPhone is in the BookBook.
This wonderfully thoughtful accessory goes for only $59.99 but provides you with a wallet, iPhone 4 casing and awesome style.