On Monday, both Amazon and Barnes & Noble introduced improved features to their iOS apps. As a result, the Kindle now allows users to view more than 100 newspapers and magazine titles. Meanwhile the Nook will offer access to 175 digital periodicals.
Both updates seek to provide an unprecedented level of visual experience for users. The iPad may just be the device that will ultimately help boost sales across different networks. Whether it is the touch-screen navigation, the amazing color, audio or even the intimate experience of mobility and functionality, there is a lot that iPad competitors cannot match right now.
The main question is if users will not decided to subscribe through native apps or through the Kindle or Nook stores depending on their usage habits. As it stands now, Amazon and Nook subscriptions function well across a variety of devices including the iPhone, the iPad and Android devices. Thus, if you access these periodicals via multiple devices then it would be a good idea to buy the subscriptions directly via Amazon or Nook.
However, if you are prone to use the iPad primarily for viewing periodicals then it might not be a bad idea to subscribe via native apps. However, iPad periodical subscriptions typically work well only for iPad. In some cases, getting a subscription via the App Store may actually be cheaper than buying at a Nook or Kindle store. However, this is not true in general. A good example is that of National Geographic, which costs $19.99 for an annual subscription via the Apple App store but costs $1.99 via the Kindle Store. The App store subscription would definitely be a better deal especially because the Kindle version lacks some of the stunning features you can get through your iPad.
Therefore, when buying a subscription you will have to take into accounts the comparative price and your reading habits.