Apple has made it on the personal vendetta list of various hacking groups. However, few have been as successful and perhaps benevolent as redsn0w, which aims not only to crack through the code, but also to give iOS users the level control over their devices that Apple is not yet willing to concede. The latest target of this organization is the iOS 5 beta releases.

The iOS 5 is meant to be a revolutionary upgrade featuring new and improved features, a better user interface and a wide array of security mechanisms. However, Apple would be disappointed to imagine that its new OS would be free from the scrutiny of hackers including Redsn0w. Now the battle has taken one-step further as it released yet another update to further enhance the tethered jailbreak. A previous update by the group (0.9.8b3) failed to jailbreak iOS 5 beta 4 by directing it to a previous IPSW. In response, the iPhone Dev Team released 0.9.8b4 to add the particular supporting feature. This also supports the jail breaking of all previous iOS 5 beta versions.
Furthermore, keep in mind that except for the iPad 2 the beta redsn0w version supports all iDevices, which can work with the iOS 5 beta updates. It also works with both OS X and Windows operating systems. If you are developer, you know you are going to have fun with these latest updates. However, if you were an average consumer, it would be better to wait for a more stable updates.