There are many users out there who belong to the Apple eco system and own the iPad 2, the iPhone and the iPod Touch. If you are tech-geek or an Apple fanatic, someday you will come up with the problem of managing your devices. Now that problem is solved thanks to the Apple iPad 2 Display dock that will allow you to use all three of your favorite Apple devices.

Apple prides itself for its manufacturing technique and the iPad 2 Display Dock does a lot credit to this ideology. It features a high quality, custom milled, hand polished clear acrylic. It sound like they made a “Mercedes-Benz” version of the display dock. The functionality is also impressive because it comes with two ports for the best viewing angle for the iPad 2. The iPod Touch and the iPhone can also be attached via 2 more additional ports. A second version will allow you to only attach your iPad 2 and features adhesives to keep it in place. This makes sense if you have already invested a lot of money on docking accessories for your iPhone and iPod. However, if you want convenience then the first model might still be a good idea.
Overall, the iPad 2 Display Dock measures 10 x 9 x 1.25 inches and weighs in at 2 pounds. It also comes with slots for charging cables and headphones. However, what really sets this dock apart from its competitors is the sheer elegance and dedication that has gone into crafting it.
The 3-in-one Apple iPad dock, which also allows you to attach your iPhone and iPad, will cost $74.95. Meanwhile, the iPad only display dock will cost $69.97. As mentioned earlier, what you choose really depends on your viewing habits. If you want all your devices kept neatly in place then this would be ideal. However, if you generally use them apart, then perhaps a single iPad dock would be good enough.