When the iPhone first started making a serious effort to draw the attention of gamers from traditional systems like Nintendo and PSP, they were criticized because hardcore gamers require some durable hardware (i.e: a physical gamepad) which the iPhone’s touch screen cannot exactly substitute. There are plenty of games that can be played on the iPhone that do not require a physical gamepad per-ce but for the hardcore user who is accustomed to getting into tapping frenzies, a touch screen may not be the best option. Fortunately, the iControlPad now gives the iPhone a real opportunity to become a truly worthy gaming device for hardcore gamers.

The iControlPad features “clamps” that can be customized to fit on any kind of smartphone. These clamps help hold the phone securely to the control pad. The entire system works wirelessly so you do not have the added strain of a messy installation. Overall, the system feels very comfortable and is quite sturdy. Unlike, most accessories, it is designed Germany and tested in England, which is a welcome change from the low-cost methods of most manufactures.
The control pad features 2 Analogue nubs, 6 face buttons and 2 rear buttons and it supports multiple protocols. Right now, iPhone users should have jailbreak for emulators but the system works on supporting iTunes apps as well. Battery power should not be a problem either (important when it comes to the iPhone) because it features an internal 1350maH battery, which can also charge your phone via USB while you play your favourite games.
Since the entire system is perfectly mobile, you can take it with you anywhere and convert your iPhone into an all-powerful gaming device and tap away like a hardcore gamer without destroying the screen. The combination of a touch-screen and physical control pad is the best thing for iPhone gaming enthusiasts. The system is available for $69.99.