The iPad may be a fantastic tablet PC with a brilliant touch screen display but if you have one then you know how difficult it is to type with one. If you want to type fast and furiously then there really is no great alternative to the traditional keyboard. Unfortunately, the only decent keyboards available were the expensive variants including the famous Zaggmate, which could easily put you, back $100. With additional basic accessories, your fully loaded iPad could easily hit $1000 or more.


For those without unlimited spending power, we now have the option of the MIC aluminum keyboard case, which provides a reliable alternative to the more expensive models out there (at $50). MIC claims that the keyboard is composed of military grade materials. We cannot verify these claims independently but we can say that it looks and feels very sturdy. In addition, there will be a wireless Bluetooth keyboard, which will come with a US layout and various iPad-dedicated buttons (music, volume, slideshow, home, search etc.)
The keyboard will allow you to attach the iPad 2 in both landscape and portrait modes. The keyboard itself will not hog your iPad for power because it will feature an internal battery, which can last for around 90 hours or 15 days on standby. To recharge, you get a very handy micro-USB cable. The long battery life naturally makes this a very good option for travel and research.
In addition to the standard features, there will be padded hinges to give your iPad a comfortable grip. The best thing about this accessory is that it weighs relatively little at 12.2 ounces and is only 0.43 inches thick.  This means that it be a very portable device, despite the added functionality.  Overall, this product is highly recommended for those looking for a cheap and durable keyboard option.