The iPad was made for personal use and Apple has thus far made sure that it is marketed that way. Unlike the PC or laptop, the iPad has a direct relationship with the iPhone and as such is designed for single person use. There is a practical and a business side to this strategy. Practically speaking, the design of the iPad (and other rivals) is based on the individual. From a business perspective, selling the iPhone as something to be used by one person is a great way to increase sales.

However, in reality the iPad is increasingly being used by groups of users as well, which is especially true in households and even small businesses. In addition, the growing variety of uses for the iPad is increasing the demand for user profiles. Unfortunately, the iOS is not designed to support user profiles. Fortunately, there is now an app to help solve that problem: the iUser.

Similar to the user log-in features of a desktop/laptop, the iUser allows multiple users to maintain profiles on the iPad in password protected settings. The app saves app data separately. This means the progress u make on a game or the work you save on some other app will be just the way you left it, even if someone else access the iPad via a different profile. Moreover, music, videos and apps themselves will be common to all users (again, similar to a normal desktop).

This app will almost certainly become a part of Apple’s future iOS updates because the iPad is becoming more powerful and more capable. As a result, they are genuinely becoming a viable replacement to traditional computers. Since many computers are shared by multiple users it only makes sense to make the iUser a part of the iOS system. This will truly give the operational feel of a traditional desktop and perhaps herald the end of traditional computing.