Sometimes the best apps are the simplest apps, which is true in the case of the PDF Convertor released by Readdle for the iPad. As the iPad becomes more mature and starts appealing to a wider consumer base, apps like this will become increasingly more important, if not essential for everyday use.

Since, its inception, the iPad has been snapped up lots of business type users and naturally the iPad is used to handle a variety of documents (perhaps, creating a paperless office someday) with different formats. Certainly, it is easy to share files directly from the iPad but one of the easiest types of files to deal with is the PDF format.
Thankfully, Readdle’s PDF Convertor allows users to convert files on the iPad to PDFs directly from the iPad itself. This means you do not have to transfer the files on to a computer or on-line website (security here can be questionable anyway) to convert your files to PDFs.
Once you have downloaded the app, you will be able to access it from the “Open In” menu. This basically allows users to convert a variety of different content into PDF files including web pages, photos, contacts, email attachments, etc. This saves people from the added hassle of maintaining and sharing multiple different file formats, which wastes time and can get very frustrating.
The app also supports MS Office and iWork document formats, while keeping the original formatting elements mostly intact.
You can purchase the PDF Converter for $6.99, which is compatible with iOS 4.3 or later. The price is quite high, but for the level of functionality and simplicity onboard, it is well worth the money. Certainly, not everyone will be interested in this app but if you are a writer or business user, then you will really find this useful for everyday use.