The genesis of the iPad and iPhone can be traced to the iPod. Thus, one could easily see how Apple’s entire product line has a very distinct musical gene. As a result, even the software is geared towards simple, effective and mind-blowing music experience courtesy of the iTunes music library, which is used across iOS, Linux and Microsoft platforms. With all this at the disposal of amateur music fanatics, professional DJ’s are facing some serious competition. Meanwhile, basement parties are getting a serious musical experience.

One of the latest products to empower the budding DJ is the iDJ live. While the system is basically a docking device for the iPod, iPhone and the iPad, it allows includes a very realistic turn-table mixing facsimile. The iPad is the best option because there is really nothing that can compete with its brilliant 10-inch screen and amazing performance.
The iDJ live allows users to have a dynamic mixing experience including the ability to mix, overlap, fade and scratch the music available on the iTunes library. The system also includes a set of headphone and a custom audio cable, which will allow you to connect it to other speakers as well. This allows you to customize virtually every element of the musical experience, which is great if you already have an awesome set of speakers.
Right now, there are numerous other products on the market as well including Bose and the iHome. Even Apple is developing its own home DJ system: Airtunes. However, the experience of the iDJ is far better in comparison to its rivals. Keep in mind that this is still very portable despite the fact that it is capable of providing an amazing performance. The product is available for download in the App Store for $19.99. In any case, this is one product that deserves the attention of every budding DJ.