PadProp Lap Stand Proves To Be Light, Luxurious & Limited

About 2 1/2 months ago my colleague here at Pi, hexakuemion, wrote a quick write up to announce the PadProp.  I felt there was a lot not being said about this product that I believed needed to be reviewed.  So since my reviews are pretty detailed and most of all honest, I contacted PadProp in order to offer you a detailed review of it, and as usual I have a lot to say.

So I received my PP –stop snickering please– and began to put it through my usual paces.  I kicked it around abused it, used it in all circumstances and environments and with the time I have had now to check it out, you can be pretty sure I have gotten a great handle on this product, so here we go…

The PP is a beautifully simple design to offer a really good performance. Weighing in at only 50 grams –man that is light– constructed of foam, when lying on the iPad itself, stays within its borders, makes this lap stand super easy to travel with.  While a tad bulky, it is so light it almost makes up for its lack of adaptability.  It cant be folded and it is pretty confined in its specific purpose.

You can’t fold it, and if you are looking for a stand that allows for portrait use, look elsewhere.  As a table top stand it works well but its foot print is pretty large making it an “iffy” item if you maintain a cluttered desk.  The seated position it offers is pretty limited, it wont work with crossed or one legged use, and bed use is a No-Go.  And you will be using your inner thighs a lot to keep it placed properly by squeezing them together –women who are into fitness will love that–.  These are all the negatives.  But the positives are abound.

The adjust-ability of the PP is one of its finest features.  Being able to angle the iPad from about 20-89 degrees it a sweet deal.  From well reclined to up-right positions while seated, the PP will offer any angle you need.  Slipping an iPad into its “pincer” like hold in a landscape position offers you just about any angle of viewing you would need.  Its sleek simple design, makes this lap stand a very nice executive travel accessory.

Its tough, no really.  I kicked the PP around and abused it badly.  It did not break, has some compression dents in it but is still works and very well I might add.  The positioning on the legs are comfortable and the stand maintains angled positions competently leaving you with confidence that your iPad is not going to move unless you make it so.  Typing is very good with a firm back for your iPad, dispelling any gradual slip or slide.  One nice amenity worth mention here –as limited as it may be– is that in the PP, space has been reliefed  in so you can wind up and place your earbuds in the yoke.  Yep, thats right, it will carry, contain and hold your earbuds out of the way but in a convenient and easily accessible place.  If you have large earbuds or the like, this feature will unfortunately not be of use to you.  But I believe that will only affect a small potion of the market.  Placing the PP in a larger iPad case of a portfolio to carry it around when not in use, is a breeze and simply put, performs extremely well in all the areas it addresses.

The PadProp comes in any color, as long as it is black and will run you about $24.15 –according to my converter, considering that PadProp is Brittish company and its prices are in pounds–.  So should you get a PadProp?  I say sure if it fits your particular needs and you do not mind the lack of portrait mode.  So get one.  Its light, Cheap, Looks pretty luxurious and best of all, it works well.