SPECK Products Creates A Case To Protect iPads 1&2 Like A Tank

SPECKs CandyShell Wrap for iPads 1&2 started what other cases have only begun to address. Protect the whole device from soup to nuts while imitating Apples own Smart Cover. This ingenuity starts from SPECKs humble beginnings, before there even was an iPad. Many of you –like myself– are familiar with SPECKs CandyShell. For those of you who are not, The CandyShell starts as a simple iPhone case with special properties. A hard candy coated exterior made of polycabonate ABS plastic with a soft chewy silicone interior, which made a single piece case that was seamless as extraordinarily protective. So protective in fact that the only other case to top it would be an Otter Box. But the OB is extremely bulky and definitely causes the device to lose it’s cool style and look. The CandyShell however, actually made the phone retain it’s look so well, the case could have been an Apple OEM product.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll see that SPECK has taken it’s basic design and enlarged it to accommodate the iPads. So let’s get to the features and amenities it offers. First, let me warn everyone now, the CandyShell Wrap (CSW), is heavy. Weighing in at 14.8 oz. Which equates to litteraly just under a pound, combined with an iPad makes what was a 1.5 lb. package into 2.5 lb. one, and for the iPad two it does it the unwanted favor of increasing its weight to just over 1.5lb returning you to iPad 1 status in regards to weight.  However that added weight offer unbelievable protection and is probably worth the additional luggage.

What is probably the most interesting feature of the CSW, is SPECKs rendition of Apples, Smart Cover.  It operates the exact same way, but without magnets.  So when closed, if you tip the iPad to its side where the cover connects to the case, it will open.  Unfortunate I know, but do not let this small deter you in any way.  The cover –since it has no magnets– is connected to the case by use of a silicon rubber spine-flap which is attached to an ABS plastic “T-bar” that runs down the length of the case.  This “T-bar” is the male piece which slides down the length of the entire case of the female opening.  Yes that’s right, the case cover is removable.  Hot stuff, I know.  The cover –like Apples– is split into three sections to create a triangle shaped tube which permits a propped angle view of about 15 or 75 degrees.

My previous knowledge of the CS demonstrates clearly the protective capabilities of the CSW and I have no reason to doubt it in any way, considering the construction is identical to previous models.  All ports are amply exposed and accessible and the bottom port for the 9-pin adapter is exceptionally accessible due to SPECKs recent new design for a mini-door to be swung out from under, which not only afford access, but also enough room to allow the iPad to be fully encased and sit on a charging dock.  All buttons are covered with the silicon rubber and in no way hinders operation when pressing those buttons or rockers.  This as a result make the CSW amount to more than the sum of its parts.

The CandShell Wrap for iPad will run you $38.97, while the iPad 2 version will run you $54.95.  they run in colors of, Dark Lord Black, Nightshade Purple, IndiWhoa Blue, LoveHate Pink, GoGo White and Dark Heart Mahgony –not to be confused with monogamy–.  So should you be in need for super protective casing for your iPad with a quality function combined with a beautifully slick OEM look, the CandyShell Wrap is probably going to be your best bet.