If you are the owner of iPhone and experiencing it more than a month then we will say that you are an expert of iPhone regarding its amazing features and cool applications now. May be you are experiencing these amazing tricks and features….. or may be not. A trick according to me is, using your iPhone efficiently and uses all features that are already built-in in your mobile. If you will not give some time to learn about your iPhone than you will definitely miss these tricks.

It is obvious and true that best feature of this mobile is its user interface.  One of the best and most leading features of the iPhone is its user interface. But if you have iPhone and unfortunately you are not aware of these tricks and features than you will miss the iPhone’s amazing interface. This article will help those iPhone’s owners who want to learn the trick of double tapping on their iPhone screen. As you know, Double Tap is an addition to the single tap. We have noticed that only few people double tap any single item on their iPhone screen. We seems that every icon react with a single tap motion, but there are few interfaces which response to double tapping rather than  only one tap on the screen.

This trick is used when you are viewing photos, web page, email or video the double tap will help in zooming. Again double tap the screen if you want to zoom out. You have noticed that while watching a video or movie there are two black lines one is above and the other is below the pic, these black lines gives you narrow view, if you want to see the video then only double tap your iPhone screen and video will be on full screen. However, because of full screen, words may be cut off if you are watching a video with subtitle. To go back to small screen again double tap your screen.

These were the example of how you may get benefit by double tapping your mobile screen. Double tapping mean to get a better image at your iPhone screen, just double tap any image and you will be able to magnify your image. You must have to spend your few time to uncover these tricks if you want to experience the amazing feature of your mobile. As you will discover these features you will be amazed because it gives you many choices to be entertained.