The iPhone hype has already got on everyone and everyone is excited about the features and applications that the fifth generation of iPhone would be providing. Each year Apple launches a new version or generation of the iPhone and this year the fifth generation is due and everyone is already talking about what would be new in this generation of internet and multimedia enabled smart phones. And this year due to the delay in the release of next generation has left people with even more curiosity of what is taking Apple too much delay. Apple has always tried to secrete the pre-release images or videos of its new smart phones but more or less every time there have been seen some leakages. The same happened this year as well when an Asian trading site ‘’ released one of the images of the new iPhone 5G. Below is the image that is being seen now days at almost every iPhone website.

The new iPhone is believed to have the 100% high quality crystal case which would give iPhone 5G a highly elegant and stylish look. The crystal case is believed to be a bit fragile and to overcome that, iPhone 5G would have extra layers of some protection that would give it a high security and extra protection against accidental drops.

Another very noticeable difference of iPhone 5G from its previous generations is that it would have edge to edge display with a big display size screen. The display of iPhone 5G is being compared with that of iPad. iPad also has edge to edge display screen and uses 3:4 screen ratio. The iPhone is currently using 2:3 screen ratios but in iPhone 5G, the screen ratio is believed to be the same as that of iPad. This is a very good feature and would definitely be appreciated by all around the globe.

Another noticeable and spotable difference in the photo received from is the camera of iPhone 5G. The photo shows that the camera behind the iPhone has a flash a few inches beyond the camera lens. It is the noticeable difference but its implications are unknown yet. The camera is believed to be higher than at least 8 mega pixels and it is being heard that Apple has got Sony camera in iPhone 5G. if this is truth, it would be definitely a great news because everyone knows about the quality of the image produced by Sony Camera. It is also believed that the camera would also be the video camera and a small camera on the front side would be supporting the live Video Conferencing. It would be a great feature because video conferencing on your iPhone would be a great fun as well as great facilitation for professionals.

IPhone would definitely be thinner, easy to hold and more stylish looking and would definitely be providing better storage and battery life. There should also be better processor to handle more complex applications and offer even better internet speed. These are some of the features that are must to have been in the fifth generation as expected by everyone.