The all new slim and sleek iPad came into the market with a blast. Its slim design and techno advanced features grabbed the attention of all gadget freaks. It has an amazing battery time of about 10 hours and is much faster as compared to its previous version. The iPad has brought a complete break through into the world of computer technology and has got really good reviews from the users. However some unhappy customers don’t like the issues that they are facing with their new iPad system.

For a start the company as facing some issues with the delivery system which is why the customers are complaining to the company of not receiving their order on time. There was a huge order cancellation error on the part of the company, which displeased the customer. However some people have also complained of having face time freezing. This problem starts when you enter into a live chat session and the video on the screen gets stuck. The whole system gets jammed. Then the iPad gets rebooted.

Another major issue is with the Wi-Fi signals. This issue was also experienced by users of iPad and now it comes in iPad 2 as well. The connectivity system seems to break down frequently and this can be irritating on the part of the user. Heating issues have also been reported frequently and it is said that this device heats up more as compared to the iPad. This heating seems to be excessive which can be a problem in the operating system. Some customers have complained of discolouring right after they have received their new system through shipment. The yellow colour that sticks to the screen is merely the glue that is added to keep the cover in place. It dries in about a couple of days.

Microphone distortions tend to prevail in this model too along with the Wi-Fi issues. The speakers of this newer version have been advanced as compared to the original iPad. Some iPad systems also have a light bleeding issue or patches of light start to appear on the screen. This can be a major problem and should be resolved by the company.

Poor quality camera is also one of the issues customers are facing after getting hold of this new technology. The camera also records high definition videos and two cameras can be seen at the same time on the screen but the resolution switches when still photographs are taken from it. For the video recording the resolution is about 720p but for the photograph it is only 960 x 720.

As far as the resolution of the screen is concerned there are no improvements in the new model. The resolution is the same as the previous one so don’t bother to look for a better retina display. So when you are out to buy a new iPad 2 system do check for technical faults like bleeding lights, mic distortions and heating issues. If you face issues after you have purchased the device and used it for a while then you can always contact the Apple office.