Ever since the introduction of the first iPhone, Apple opened the door to a completely new world that probably not known then, exploded in popularity. This is called the App Store. After 4 years of apps, the store features now more than 200.000 applications, a true Big Bang in the software development world. Many of these accessories can give your iPhone the necessary boost in becoming your main tool for web surfing, navigation, media fun and much more.

When you purchase a new iPhone there are already included several apps, these come preinstalled with the operating system. To access a huge variety of other apps you need to visit the App Store, either at Apple´s website or directly on your phone. Here you can then download applications in whatever domain you are interested. You can browse thought apps for work, for cooks, to impress, for music, student´s, working out, managing money, traveling and many more. This gives you the possibility of almost limitless interaction between you and your iPhone. Let´s consider the most popular app that was number one for weeks and enjoyed by millions of people´s. I am talking about the Angry Birds, rated by millions of users as being the best entertaining app. You just have to love the way those crazy birds furiously fly towards their targets and brings mayhem and destruction in the most fun way possible.   Many say that this game completely changed the level of competiveness. This game and many other ones keep the top places in the most popular applications ever developed, showing the huge potential for enjoinment of this platform.

Another fun bringing application is Hangman, the old words decoding software. Known by many ever since they were small continues to bring endless entertainment. It also “hangs” the competition with its popularity. For those who love social interactions there is an app to meet their needs, called Stroodle lets you access all your preferred social network in the same time getting updates from all of them. It has a simple and easy interface for fast access. For the reading articles lovers there is Pulse, an app which enables you to save any article for later reading. It is compatible with any model of the iPhone. For those with a preference for sports you can find apps to better follow your progress take your time and manage your amount of workout. Working is something we do every day; to have a better organizational level and manage more things at once you can do all that directly from your iPhone with a number of different apps, like Scatter Brain. This is a tool that will not let you forget anything from the multitude of tasks we have daily. Keeps you organized and keeps track of your thoughts. These apps are just a drop in the ocean compared with the immense variety found solely in one place, the App Store from Apple. Many more are waiting for you to explore.