HP recently released the HP touch pad and it already seems to have analysts declaring it as a potential iPad killer. Alas, we have heard too much about iPhone/iPad killers to simply take some tech geek’s word for it. Yet it would do injustice to the competition in the market to simply write this one off.

In fact, many of us find the HP Tochpad, a viable competitor to iPad (though not necessarily an iPad killer). Here are some positive features of the Touch pad:
Native hardware and software: By native, we mean that HP has decided to forego the relatively cheaper Android option, and build its own tablet PC from scratch. This is important because having full control over hardware and software gives Apple a strong edge over its Android run competitors. There are numerous advantages when it comes to using Android (some of which have been heavily emphasized on this blog before) but having full access to both the hardware and software, gives a firm greater control and ability to customize and innovate on key features.
At $499, this is an affordable option: Cool technology and mind-blowing specs can only get you so far, many firms forget that price is still a very important factor for most consumers. With the Samsung Galaxy going for $649.99 and the Motorola Xoom at $799, HP has a strong edge with regards to price competition.
A powerful marketing network: HP, like Apple has a very powerful brand value and it has shown how capable it is of actually deploying its marketing gurus to design superb campaigns for all classes of its products. The passion it puts into selling its products is similar to the ferocity of Apple. This year alone, it spent almost $1 billion on marketing, almost four times more than Apple. If HP is serious about putting its money where its mouth is, Apple should be worried.