Jailbreakers Respond to Time Warner’s Attempt To Exclude Them

Three days ago I broke the story that Time Warner Cable, with an update for their TWCable TV App, intentionally excluded TW customers from use of their app on jailbroken devices. When a user of the app on a jailbroken device would attempt to open it, an infuriating message would appear stating that the app does not support jailbroken devices and then had the audaciousness to tell you to restore your device to factory default settings and then re-install the TWC Cable TV App. The complete reason for this move by TWC has still escaped me, but no matter. If TWC are Sith, then the JB’rs are Jedi Knights. And within the very week that this slap in the face to TWC customers who are jailbroken, the JB community has struck back with a resounding message to TWC and all who may challenge them with a loud and clear, “All Your Base Are Belong To Us.”

Within 3 days, the community has responded with a tweak called “Fake Time Warner (FTW)”, and For The Win indeed! Authored by Adrian Hamelink, the tweak he has created corrects this insulting slight and has re-opened the app to all JB’d devices so that the app acts normally and without interference.

What was particularly odd, foolish, and most of all sloppy about this attempt to ostracize Jailbreakers by TWC, was that for many iPad2 users who were not jailbroken, the app gave the same message to them. Acceptable casualties? I think not. Since the app was updated, 1-2 star ratings began to surface in great numbers with the same complaint from Non-Jailbreakers, lamenting at the fact they had to suffer as innocents to a war TWC had no business interfering with in the first place. Regardless to all of this the tweak can be downloaded (of course on Cydia) from the BigBoss Repository and with a confirmation, a respring and a wink with a nod, everyone who has suffered this indignity can go about their lives, chuckling at the hubris of TWC.

Download it now and re-liberate yourself from another attempt to capture and incarcerate you by yet another mutli-conglomerate.