What makes a phone iconic? It is obviously a revolutionary feature(s). Take the iPhone for example, there are lots of phones out there which have better features than the iPhone in virtually every category (speed, camera, software, battery etc.). However, it is much more popular than other brands because it has a history of championing revolutionary design or hardware features. That is why the iPhone is always so exciting.


So are there any features that will make the iPhone 5 stand out of the crowd? Yep, there are plenty but we narrowed it down to our favorite five.
4G connectivity
The iPhone 5 will almost certainly feature 4G connectivity. The network is out there and already a host of Android devices is embracing the technology. Apple will be insane to stay out.
Near Field Communication (NFC)
NFC technology transforms a smartphone into a digital wallet. Therefore, instead of going to any store with multiple credit cards and a whole wad of cash, all you need is to wave your phone. Now Google has already launched the Google Wallet and quite a number of Android enabled devices feature NFC technology. Apple may very well incorporate this into the iPhone 5.
Edge-to-edge display
If this becomes a reality, it would undoubtedly be one of the coolest design features on any smartphone in the market. Let us hope Apple leads the way.
Better Camera
Only a handful of smartphones can substitute stand-alone cameras and the iPhone is not one of them. Fortunately, new technology might actually help the iPhone 5 to feature a better camera (8 megapixels) and smoother functionality. The recent tweaks to iOS 5 might provide a clue.
GSM and CDMA support
An iPhone that works on both networks will give users amazing flexibility when it comes to choosing their carriers.