Coffee has become a part of our modern lives and no other business does it better than Starbucks. It is already one of the most popular franchises in the US supplies millions of Americans all over with the heavenly brew to get us through the morning of a tough week. Now the company is moving towards a new digital era dominated by smartphones and Wi-Fi, hence it is moving to release yet another innovative app to increase online usage and interact with customers directly in the hopes creating new revenue streams and moving its costly marketing campaign to more tech-savvy users (who also happen to be big fans of caffeine).

Now the franchise is launching an enhanced app for the iPhone, which combines features from its existing apps: myStarbucks and Starbucks Card Mobile. The exciting thing about the new app is the Starbucks eGift Feature.  This helps streamline everything into one single app and makes things easier for Starbucks fans.

The new app will allow users to access their beloved Starbucks Card Features, track their My Starbucks Rewards, make payments via mobile and send a mobile gift. Other innovative features that will be further incorporated include the Starbucks store locater and access to nutrition information of the food and beverages featured in the shops. If you are a real coffee aficionado then you even build your own virtual drink with the Drink Builder. For all your college students (amongst others) looking for part time jobs, do not forget that the app also allows you to search for jobs. 

The Starbucks eGifts also make full use of Facebook and allows senders to add a personal message if necessary. The gift cards can range from $5.00 – $100.00 (depending on the generosity of the sender). You can get the app free from the App store or the Starbucks Website. We can add this app to the daily list of essentials.