iOS 5 has been released to developers and the result has been more than positive. However, one class of users who are slightly upset: users of the iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS and let us not even talk about the iPhone 2.

What is known is that most of the new features will certainly work on these devices, but the effectiveness of these updates is questionable. The infamous update that almost crippled earlier versions of the iPhone is a credible example. Analysts say that regardless of what Apple says, it is not very concerned with older models of the iPhone, since it makes all of its money via hardware sales. Therefore, customizing updates for older models is not exactly part of the bigger picture. A more sinister motive (Seldom said aloud) is that new updates try to act as incentive for users to upgrade their iPhone.

As we know, functions like the Twitter integration, camera grid update, Newsstand and Safari reading list, will all work just fine with older devices. What may not work are the new Safari Tab options and even the photo editing features.

The concern has many people asking themselves if this is the time to jail break their iPhones to get full access to the updates on the iOS 5. While there is a possibility that some of these features may cause more harm than good, we recommend waiting for the official test results before resorting to jail breaking. If you do plan on jail breaking your iPhone right now, then it is best that you do some research online and ensure that you use the best method currently available. Also, remember that once you have jail broken your iPhone there may be no coming back. Apple plans to come down hard on all jail breakers despite recent legal battles that have gone against its way.