The tech world seems to be engulfed in a wave of lawsuits. Everyone is suing someone. Now it seems like Apple will be escalating an already tense argument Samsung. The maker of the iPhone accuses Samsung of copying its iPhone design and some of its features.

A complaint filed in Seoul Central District Court by Apple calls on Samsung to halt all sales of touch screen smart phones and tablet PCs that hit went on sale following the launch of the iPhone 3. In addition, Apple also wants $92,500 in compensation.

Apple is making three major accusations against Samsung.

First, Apple says the Galaxy Tab mini-size PC and the Galaxy smartphone released by Samsung incorporate one of Apple’s patented features that allow users to scroll through large documents by flicking the touch screen.

Second, Apple accuses Samsung of incorporating a feature that allows users to access the move or remove features of any icon simply by pushing and holding for a short period of time.

Third, Apple claims that the Galaxy phone copies the iPhone shape and design. The galaxy does look a lot like the iPhone but many people do not buy the iPhone based on the design, they buy it because of the brand. Nevertheless, it would have been cooler of Samsung changed the initial design.

Samsung responded in a typical tech firm fashion: firing back a whole bunch of counter lawsuits. The firm claims Apple copied 10 of its patents to create the iPhone.

What does all this mean? Well first of all, this will almost definitely not mean the Galaxy will be pulled off stores. The intensity of lawsuits clearly shows how hard firms are fighting for new markets. In the meanwhile, if you were doing a law degree, specializing in intellectual property rights would be a smart option.