One of the biggest drawbacks of the current iPhone 4 has always been the camera. When you want good photos, you needed to resort to apps like HDR camera, Instagram, True HD or something like that. All this meant more time and effort to create the photos we wanted. However, now things might be taking a turn for the better. Recent rumors suggest that the iPhone 5 will feature a camera that is better and more powerful than anything ever encountered thus far.

Right not it is essential that Apple upgrade its camera, especially because almost all its rivals feature very powerful cameras including HTC, Nokia, Samsung and Motorola. If Apple keeps falling on the wayside on the camera issue, eventually the value of the iPhone is going to fall too. The current, 5-megapixel camera found on the iPhone 4 hardly satisfies everyone so an upgrade is almost certain.

Apple plans to devote a significant amount of resources towards the camera. According to the latest reports, the camera might feature 8 megapixels and a dual LED flash. This alone will significantly improve the quality of the pictures taken. However, that is not all Apple has in its bag of innovative tricks.

Apple has been filing some interesting patents regarding the iPhone. One of them is titled “Image Capture Device Having Tilt and/or Perspective Correction.” This is said to utilize a variety of sensors already on the iPhone like the gyroscope and accelerometer to measure a photo capture. This in turn will limit the need for editing once the picture is taken. Apple also filed a patent for multiple cameras that can capture 3D images.

Apple is good at zeroing in on its weaknesses and becoming stronger than ever before. It is great that they have finally taken aim at the camera.