If you need proof of a smart phone’s performance, one is running a battery of tests and the other is to actually see how people are using the phone. For all the tech wizardry that goes into our reviews, perhaps the most reliable method of evaluating a phone’s operational capabilities is to actually measure the functions that are used by the owners. All smartphones (or most of them) are geared towards entertainment and the best form of entertainment is video. This is the basic building block of all entertainment. This is why firms like HTC, Apple, Samsung and others are investing so much to enhance the quality of video applications.

After much research, it seems like Apple’s users are the most likely to access video applications, a full 64% of them. That may not sound a lot but it is more than double that of Android users who watch video on their devices (32%). Perhaps one reason for this disparity is that iPhone users are relatively more tech savvy and since they buy the phone with a passion, they are more inclined to use it to its full potential. Some Android phones provide far better video quality but that does not necessarily mean that people are inclined to use these features. However, the industry wide trend seems to indicate that a higher percentage of users will eventually be those who are under 25 years of age; many of whom grew up with Facebook and YouTube for the better part of their digital lives.

Not surprisingly, the most widely accessed website via mobile internet was Facebook, YouTube and Google. This clearly shows that future generations will put a stronger emphasis on entertainment than just office work. This in turn will force smart phone makers and operators to increase both bandwidth and hardware quality, especially concerning screen-quality and sound.