Apple and Google are at each other’s throats for a long time now and they are increasingly competing on the same turf. Apple’s crown jewel is the iPhone and the next generation iPhone (iPhone 5) is set to include a variety of upgraded features and revolutionary technology. However, Google is not going to stand by idly and by all accounts, it never did. Android already has a larger market share and things keep getting better. Right now, the Android phones are focusing on sheer power and increasing user-friendly features.

But let’s just take a look at the specs first.

The iPhone 5:

  • A5 processor in the range of 1.2-1.5 GHz
  • An improved antenna
  • Possible 1GB RAM
  • Better camera (perhaps 8-megapixel) with 1080p video playback and panaromic photo capture capability and an improved dual-LED flash unit
  • Bigger-edge-to-edge 3.7- to 4-inch curved glass screen
  • A SIM-less design
  • 3-4 internal antennas for both GSM and CDMA networks
  • 4G connectivity
  • iOS 5 update that will make the interface smoother and add new functions.
  • Enhanced speech recognition features
  • Wireless charging
  • Improved battery

The Nexus 4G will also boast some impressive specs

  • 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz Krait-based Snapdragon processor
  • 5-megapixel camera (with advanced sensor delivering superior low-light performance)
  • front-facing 1-megapixel camera for video chat
  • edge-to-edge “monster-sized” 4.5- to 5-inch screen
  • NFC technology
  • Slim form factor.
  • Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Expanding and resizing widgets and apps
  • Facial detection with the camera
  • Voice-guided GPS feature
  • Adobe Flash 10.1 support.

The upcoming battles between Google and the iPhone will have a lot to do with hardware and software. Raw power can only get you so far, the rest depends on innovation. Let the battle begin!