Not that Winterboard and other theme solutions are hard to use, but when you can change the look and feel of your iPhone making it look exactly like an Android-based device in two seconds, that’s just impressive. Having been previously available through Cydia for $2.99, Dreamboard is now available through Cydia for FREE.

Complete with web widget, “slide down to lock” and that gigantic clock, you can skin your iPhone to look & act like an Android device. Dreamboard goes beyond anything that previous theme software could do, and allows full customization of your iPhone. Additionally it allows you to change your theme instantly with no respring!

From you can scroll through some of the themes in coverflow view including themes like Windows 7 Phone, Mac OS, and many more. The page is just view only however, to download the themes themselves you need to do a little more work. The creator of the software originally had a DreamStore app setup, however now all the themes have been moved to the Cydia store.

Using the Planet-iPhones Cydia Search feature I was easily able to get screen shots of the themes and decide which ones I wanted to download. From there I went to the phone and was easily able to locate and install the theme. Themes range from free up to $2, and if you visit the dreamboard wiki they have instructions on how you can create your own theme.

My hope is that now with the app being offered for free perhaps community support will open to doors to a larger theme library. Although even with the selection available today I was satisfied with what I found. My satisfaction however, might be based solely on the animated weather setting!

Check out DreamBoard today and let us know what you think!