Apple and Google have been having a very tempestuous relationship in the past few years to say the least. Increasingly they are being forced to compete on grounds that they both considered exclusive to themselves. However, despite this intense competition there has been a certain degree of ambivalence. Apple has always allowed a host of Google Apps to work on the iPhone. However, that may be changing now.

It seems like the iOS 5 may not feature the Google Maps. The alternative maybe an in-house mapping feature. The rumors have popped up after it was discovered that the fine print contained a variety of licenses given to the folloing mapping companies: CoreLogic, Getchee, Increment P Corp, Localeze, MapData Sciences Pty Ltd., DMTI, TomTom, Urban Mapping, and Waze.


Apple vs google 2

If Apple does plan to integrate data from all these companies, it would be able to offer a very powerful alternative to Google Maps. For example, Waze uses crowd-sourced data to create traffic data. Apple may well include various details in its maps including demographics and crime levels.

The move may well be pre-emptive or it might just be aimed at making Google very nervous. Either way, it has many of us thinking where exactly Apple is going to take things in the long-term.

Now it must be noted that recently Google renewed its relationship with each other, more like a shotgun wedding. Therefore, many analysts confidently claim that the iOS 5 will indeed feature Google Maps. However, this is not the general direction of both companies. Google is adamant in creating a powerful alternative to the iPhone through the Android platform. Meanwhile, Apple wants to create an ever more homogenous Apple eco-system without the hassle of incorporating apps created by its archrivals. Overall, let us see where the competition leads but we have a good feeling about this.