If you have a smart phone but without any battery power then nothing could be worse than this for your phone. As you see that only 20% battery is remaining then pop up the battery as soon as you can. If you have portable iPhone charger then it may help you a lot in this situation. In the market many kind of portable iPhone charger are available to keep your phone charged all the time if you are away from your wall outlet or USB, but the problem is which portable charger is the best. In this article I have discussed about four portable iPhone chargers.

Standard Car Charger
Car chargers usually come with the iPhone and are popular more than any other portable charger. Its mean most of the iPhone user have a standard car charger from the beginning.  Car charger is a basic portable charger even than its uses are limited the reason is you can only get advantage of this charger if you are around your car.

Battery powered charger
Battery powered chargers are such a powerful mobile chargers that transfer the power to your iPhone from standard batteries such as 2AA. They are not just cheap but also easy to charge all the time. Just pop up the batteries and now you are ready to leave your home. One advice is that if you have decided to use battery powered charger for regular uses then buy rechargeable batteries. This will save a handsome amount of money and will be helpful in your countless trips.

iPhone charging case
Charging cases provide power to your phone and it is very easy to use. These chargers are basically iPhone cases which are with build in batteries. This case cover the most of the iPhone body, actually this case is charged when its charging cord is plugged into the computer’s USB port. These iPhone charging cases protect from any damages to the iPhone by improving the battery life.

iPhone solar charger
iPhone solar charger is very useful for those users who remain mostly outdoor. iPhone solar charger is available in two types one is off device solar charger and the other is solar charging cases. Most of the solar chargers are capable to charge from standard USB, it is obviously the best way to keep your iPhone charged especially when there is no sun. Without any need for batteries you can add power to your iPhone continuously.