Iphone never leaves its people alone. Everything and anything that has been designed by Apple, is focused on the people who have loved iphone and its applications all the way from 2G to upcoming 5G. Keeping this factor in mind, another such application is Map +. Well, if people fear getting lost while being in a new place, they can easily install this updated, new, free version of the Map. It uses Google Maps and has all the features of previous Maps App of iOS. This is a continuous workable offline mode Map App.

Locating a particular place is no more a hectic for people. This application enables them to customize the buttons that overlay the map, with which the location can be benchmarked and saved for future consultation. Moreover, the most updated facility is the location alarm system. People can set an alarm for a particular place and when that place is nearby, the alarm rings. It contains many other options like bookmarking, tracking, labeling, route transits etc.

Almost, 80% people of the world are connected through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. This App is compatible with the Twitter software, in which people can locate their friends. Where they currently are, where are they posting from etcetera? Also Spammers can be abused and blocked by locating their position and informing Twitter management.

Although, all this has added to the convenience of mankind, yet there are some limitations to this application. The labels, pin bookmarks and route bookmarks are limited to only 1. It becomes difficult to manage if more than one label is needed to be marked. Sometimes, more than one bookmark is required which is not possible in this App. The route transits can be marked to the maximum of two and Tracking is possible till two kilometers only. If the target crosses the boundaries of two kilometers, it is lost immediately. But these limitations can be unlocked too quite easily, but this option is not for free. It has to be bought for $3 and then, all these limitations can be enjoyed to its full.

Iphone, no doubt has made the life of mankind extremely easy and convenient. Everything is just a few touches away from the person. Still it is not the end of the inventions. These limitations are a way towards the success of new applications and it is possible to overcome them by putting some extra effort. Iphone, is a second name of innovation and is climbing the ladder of success very rapidly.