IPhone has always been fun to use and the wide range of applications available with iPhone has made it even more fun. You can find high-tech applications at a single touch which makes the life most exciting. A similar very exciting and high-tech iPhone application is Brushes. With Brushes you can draw and paint high quality and class images with only a few touches. It can also be said that you would always have a 3.5” canvas in your pocket on which you can paint anything with highest precision and quality at so ease. The number of drawing, editing and merging tools has made the painting so easy that it can be used by anyone who likes to draw and paint for fun and it provides so good quality of output images and movies that it can be used by any professional artist for doing professional drawings and paintings.

Brushes provides a range of brushes and drawing tools with the help of which paintings can be done so easily and with so neatness. It is equally good and friendly with an expert painter and a beginner. We can work in unlimited number of layers with Brushers for example a background layer, foreground layer, accessories layer etc. so that no layer gets messed up with the other. We can copy and paste different photos in separate layers. It also provides the option of inserting a new layer between two layers and of deleting a layer without disturbing others. The quality of graphics is so amazing that its level of correctness seems hard to believe.

Another very unique feature of Brushes is that, they provide high quality and extremely reactive zooming function that allows the zooming from 70% up to 1600% which is exceptionally valuable. Moreover, it provides unlimited Undo and Redo options. Brushes can download any images through Wi-Fi and then these images or photos can be resized using brushes up to six times of the original size with exactly the same image quality as that of original image. The quality of the image produced by Brushes is so good that it can be exported to any other desktop application at very high resolutions i.e., up to 1920 x 2880 and the quality of exported image never gets choked. Brushes also allows to combine the edited images to make a high quality movie up to resolution of 1920×2880 pixels. This movie can be saved using QuickTime extension to be played anytime and anywhere. This movie can be transferred through Wi-Fi to other desktop computers and can be used in any other applications with so good picture quality.

It does provide so good and print quality images that Brushes has even surpassed so many desktop applications because of its ease of use. The popularity of Brushes can be well identified from the fact that the June 2009 edition of the New York times cover page was designed through this iPhone application. For a sample, let’s have a look at one of the paintings produced through Brushes.