Introducing the Soundfreaq speaker dock

The iPad can fulfill many roles but entertainment is one of the most important features. Naturally, there are two very important features that need to be taken care of: video and audio. While the video is stunning enough on the …

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New iPad accessories launched by Logitech

Logitech, known for its popular accessories for electronic devices, has launched a fresh range of accessories of the iPad that is guaranteed to enhance your user experience.

Logitech Keyboard Case
Logitech has joined forces with another cool firm …

Kindle Vs Nook on iOs

On Monday, both Amazon and Barnes & Noble introduced improved features to their iOS apps. As a result, the Kindle now allows users to view more than 100 newspapers and magazine titles. Meanwhile the Nook will offer access to 175

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The BookBook is now available for the iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is a marvel of 21st century technology. It incorporates security, entertainment and productivity in one single device. You can work with it, play with it and just have an amazing time without compromising on the benefits or …

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Redsn0w taken on the iOS 5 beta version

Apple has made it on the personal vendetta list of various hacking groups. However, few have been as successful and perhaps benevolent as redsn0w, which aims not only to crack through the code, but also to give iOS users the …

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New Security update for the iPhone and iPad

With great power comes a great big target painted on your security systems. At-least this is how Apple’s experience with security is evolving. Every time it released a security updated, thousands of hackers (for good and bad reasons) begin spending …


Apple iPad 2 Display Dock is here

There are many users out there who belong to the Apple eco system and own the iPad 2, the iPhone and the iPod Touch. If you are tech-geek or an Apple fanatic, someday you will come up with the problem …

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The Sonos Play Wireless Speakers

The best things in life are rather quite expensive and that is a fact. When it comes to awesome sound systems for your iPhone then one of the best systems on the market right now is the Sonos Play system. …

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Stay in touch with Isotoner’s SmarTouch

The iPhone and every other smartphone on the market today are developed to work with our fingers. The problem is that this works great for every season except for winter (and particularly cold autumns) when we it is nearly impossible …

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iControlPad now available

When the iPhone first started making a serious effort to draw the attention of gamers from traditional systems like Nintendo and PSP, they were criticized because hardcore gamers require some durable hardware (i.e: a physical gamepad) which the iPhone’s touch …

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