iPhones are the hottest selling item of the apple company and the company has made about a good profit through their product. On an average the company sells about 11625 cell phones on an average. To make the scenario more attractive and advanced the company has come up with more touch system gadgets like iPads and iPods. But with so advanced a technology problems do seem to shoot up every now and then. Some are technical faults while some are due to the rough usage by the customers that sometimes results in damaging the internal system.

Some of the major drawbacks that this high tech phone is associated to are the issue of the battery life. IPhone 4 has come with ideas to solve this problem by providing the application of quick look and by dragging most used applications onto the home screen. However for all for you who have the older models of iPhone and are facing similar issues they can adopt certain measures to make the battery last longer. First of all decrease the brightness of your phone, this helps the battery last longer. Switch off the music amplifier when it is not in use so as to save the battery and also charge your phone when it is not in use. Always check that any applications that are in not in use or a Wi-Fi signal that is on is switched off.

Another major crisis that iPhone users are facing is present in the iPhone 4. Customers have complained of having signal issues. When you hold the phone from the metal band the signal start to drop immediately and this is one of the major technical faults in this phone. The apple team of technicians are working on solving this issue. Many angry customers have even uploaded videos demonstrating the signal issue to the company. The company has even claimed to accept their fault.

The screen of the phone is also highly sensitive. Any small damage or a foot height of fall can shatter its screen. Some customers have even reported of discolouring and damaged API’S. Keeping the phone around a hard cover could somewhat reduce the magnitude of damage, but this high sensitivity issue also needs to be resolved.

Another common problem with this phone is that if you overload it with songs, videos, applications etc the response time seems to slow down. This can be nuisance for the user so unless you have a lot of empty room on your phone don’t go for downloading heavy files. If a heavier space capacity is what your requirement is then go for the phone that has a larger storage capacity. The dictionary also often refuses to add in new words into its memory for which you can enter the words on Google and make the phone learn the new words. Although iPhones have made a great breakthrough in the cell phone industry but the company needs to look into the problems occurring in order to keep customers happy and glued to this high tech based cell phone.