An angry bird is the UK’s number one paid application available for the iPhone. It may turn out to be dangerously addictive but it is the best game being offered for those who love playing simple yet challenging games on their iPhone. Angry bird is a war against the green stealing birds. One makes use of the cartoon birds as weapons to through at the rival castle. The destruction is done on the principles of physics and vectors. In short all you have to do is aim the birds at the green pigs. Once you start you won’t be able to resist putting your phone down.

Scrabble is a game which most of the people love playing. We all have played it at one point in life or the other and have enjoyed it. Now it is available as an iPhone application. Hasbro’s version of scrabble might be better than the board version because you can not only match your intelligence with the computer, but also with opponents online or even your friends. You can even have more than fifty games as once, and for the new players who are just joining can take help from the learning tools. A cheat option is also available which provides the user with the highest scoring words.

If you carry your iPhone wherever you go, you are very well equipped to capture whatever comes your way. In order to make life easy, iPhone4 has an inbuilt video capturing mode, which is capable of capturing beautiful and detailed footage; All this just a touch away.

The video quality is HD which is truly stunning. To aid the video quality, the phone has a very advanced backside illumination sensor which not only helps in capturing breathtaking videos but also it is able to capture in both bright and lowly lit environments. The built in LED light helps in lighting up the dark places.

The best part is that now you don’t even need to transfer the videos back to your computer in order to edit the, iPhone4 has the application for you. With the camera application, you can do the basic editing, which is the cropping of the video. This can be done by simply dragging and selecting the start and the end point.

Not only this but also while making a video you can tap on the screen while recording in order to focus on a particular object when shooting with subjects both in the foreground and the background. One the focus is adjusted you don’t need to worry about the exposure and other details. Once you are done focusing and shooting one particular subject you can always move on to the next subject simply by tapping on the screen.

When in the mood you can even make a video yourself. The iPhon4 comes with a HD camera in the back and a VGA quality camera in the front. This small camera is located on the front, above the display. This is great because it gives a great result and also lets you see yourself so you don’t have to wonder what you look like in your video and in addition to that it helps you minimize the risk of cropping yourself out of the video.

With the help of the application called iMovie, iPhone4 provides its users with a whole new level of awesome. With this particular application, which costs only $4.99, you can now turn the video clips that you have captured into finished movies. This application helps particularly when you are on a vacation or you just had a baby and you are eager to capture every moment. You can simply take a selection of clips and form it into a full movie; a movie full of memories to be cherished for the rest of your life. The application also allows you to combine different video clips as well as photographs. You can add your favorite music in the background and share the finished movies with your friends and family. Dynamic themes are also provided to give the movie a more finished and professional touch.

Once your done editing and finishing the movie iPhone4 allows you to share it anywhere you want. You can MMS a video or just attach it to an email. Posting a video on YouTube has also been made easier. iPhone 4 also allows you to sync all the video clips into your PC or Mac anytime you want!

Plants v. Zombies is another one of the addictive iPhone applications available. The bone chilling nightmare of zombies attacking is realized in this game. Waves and waves of zombie come into the nicely kept garden and trample the flowers and plants. As the zombies come close all you have to do is throw frozen melons, corn and much more at them. All the levels come with increasing difficulty and end up challenging the player even more.

Another hard to quit application is Doodle Jump. It is known to be the top grossing application of all time. All you have to do is tilt the phone in order to guide the Doodler to climb up the graph paper. All the Doodler has to worry about are the enemies which are shooting monsters and black holes. On its way up, the Doodler has to get the goodies which are waiting for it on every other slab.

Cut the rope is a very interesting iPhone application. It is a very addictive game which resembles a puzzle. The creature in Cut the Rope is called Om Nom. It is a little green creature with the entire awe factor a creature can muster. The players are required to cut the rope in order to free the piece of hard candy so that it can fall into the mouth of the little green On Nom. There are a number of obstacles that one has to go through in order to complete the objective. GeoDefense Swarm is an awesome game which is built only one principle, to stop the creatures crawling towards your base. What you have to do is blast them with the cannons which are strategically placed. It is so addictive that once you start, you won’t even realize how long you have been playing until your battery time runs out!