The iPhone 4 Gs, the latest development in market by the apple company seems to be excelling in technology at an immense speed. Recently a live event was conducted by the Mc World for the apple iphone 4 and viewers came across some really interesting facts about this latest 21st century technology touch phone. There is a lot more to this phone then the simple options available on the screen. This event was carried out to announce the number of sales the company has made and to give a brief to the customers over this dynamic piece of technology.

For now apple has sold about 450000 ipads and the demands are soaring even higher than this for which the company is making extra efforts to meet the demand. When IPad was launched 1 million were sold just within one day. As far as the users are concerned the company ahs recorder a statistics of over 4B applications downloaded and the apple store offers you a range of 185000 applications to be downloaded. The most renowned and well known applications that have done great business for the company are Netflix, ABC, MLB and Popular Science.

The iPhone at the same time is doing great business for the apple company as they have sold about 50 million phones as yet and it has won many awards in a row. The specifications are quiet alluring as this cell phone offers you 64% internet browsing and android 19. Certain applications have the facility of including text messages as well and newly developed API’s will give you the opportunity to add 2000 accelerated math functions and video recording and photo library. For zoom in you need to tap the screen if a video is playing and 5 % percent zoom in camera is what allows you a closer view. Small windows also raise up to display all the running applications, from there you can select whichever one you want to use.

Multitasking is what is the new thing installed in these phones. Suppose you open an application but want to exit it and move to another application but you don’t want to lose the progress on that application so for that a faster API has been designed. This allows you to quickly leave one application and switch to the other. It also restores the data and progress on the application you left so that you can restore it anytime you want to. You can also create shortcuts and folders on the home screen by simply dragging them.

The phone has aims to be a complete gaming phone and that is why more than 50,000 game applications have been added and variety exceeds that of Sony PSP and Nintendo. Preserving battery life has also been the top features of this new phone. Birthday calendar applications, creating playlists, larger fonts, Bluetooth keyboards, digital ads, creating brand logos and downloading software is just a click away. Thanks to the new iphone 4 technology life is much simpler now.