Most of the phones now a days have options of a number of application, but when one tried to multi task and load switch between the application, the phone gets stuck and one is forced to turn the phone off and turn it back on, which results in a waste of time and loosing whatever data they were working on. Well now, iPhone4 has the solution for that problem. It comes with a small Apple A4 card, which is very powerful and allows the phone to run your favorite third party applications simultaneously and not just that it also allows the user to switch between the applications almost instantly with slowing the phone down i.e. its performance remains the same. Doing this doesn’t even eat up the battery time which is a great thing!

Apple team has come up with a multitasking user interface that allows the user to switch between the applications as quickly as possible. To check what applications were used recently all you have to do is double click on the home button. When you find a familiar application which you know you have used and you know it’s still running, you can simply double click on it and start using it without the delay of waiting for it to load again because the applications can remember where you left and when you return to the application it simply starts off from where you left whether its reading the news, playing a game or whatever else you were doing.

Unlike many other phones, which do not allow music to play in the background when another application is, running you can always listen to an audio in the background with the iPhone4. It doesn’t matter whether you are surfing the web of checking you email or playing a game or performing any other task, the music in the background will keep playing. Also the third party application sounds can also be heard in the background simultaneously when you are using other applications.

When using other applications, you can even run Skype in the background and for instance if you receive a voice call, the applications won’t close. If the phone is locked, the call will still come through and unlike other phones will give you a notification. Once you receive the call, you can always go back to the application and switch between other tasks like reading emails and checking movie listings.

It doesn’t matter if all the applications are off or if other applications are running, if you want the GPS will always keep running. Also the applications that use GPS will also keep your positions updates and will keep giving you directions turn by turn so that you never get lost. GPS audio keeps playing even if your music is on. You can choose between keeping the volume of your music high or the sound of the directions high. All these features and much more is what makes iPhone4 the best phone in the market right now. It is a delight to use it every time!