Apple seemed to carry out a pretty good business when it launched its touch system cell phones by the name of iPhones.  The first to hit the market was 2gs that slowly made its way to the solid iPhone 4gs. Now after selling like hot cakes the new item is in town. Yes! You have guessed it right. The iPhone 5 is now going to make a bang in the market very soon. Rumours have been circulating regarding its release and design but recently Apple itself has confirmed its launch this year.

This version is compatible with all the latest apple products like iPad 1 and 2, iPods and all series of iPhones. The notifications feature in this cell phone helps you keep updated all the time. There is small folder on the desktop on which you have to manage all notifications you want to receive. As soon as you receive one a small notice comes on top of the screen. This dynamic touch phone has also introduced the feature of iMessaging via which you can send unlimited texts, photos, contacts and every possible thing through text messages for free if a Wi-Fi service is available. The person receiving the messages should also have an iPhone at the other end. This facility is compatible with 3gs.

If you are a twitter fan the phone will provide you with your twitter world any time. All your contacts can be stored with their profiles and contacts.  Managing photos and editing them was never as easy as it is in the iPhone 5 technology world. You can edit photos manage them and even command them to automatically shift into your iPad. How cool is that! This device comes with no strings attached if you do not have the pc or iPad currently with you it will transfer all the data wirelessly. If you have a joint Wi-Fi connection then the device even synchronizes your data in the iTunes of your pc and phone. Giving you all the songs, videos and photos you want.

You can even create and send mail messages with this phone. With just a swish of your finger you can add indents, do the editing, change the receipts, send and receive mail messages. You can sort and delete folders by simply dragging them on the screen. Some of the new and exciting features that this phone holds for everyone in this world are The LED flash and custom vibration settings. People with disabilities can easily operate this device due to these facilities.

If we talk about iPhones and games are not mentioned then the major part of the discussion has been missed out. With the new iPhone 5 you can create a gaming zone by creating a profile and adding friends to it. This phone brings with it new opportunities and applications for gaming so you are a part of the gaming world at all times. With its amazing features this new cell phone is for sure going to do really well in the market and bring about a change in the regular series of iPhones.