iPhone4 is available in black and white. Both look stunning and very attractive. Starting from the exterior, the new iPhone 4 is the most attractive looking piece of phone available. The glass used in the exterior of the iPhone 4 is known as aluminosilicate glass, which is used in the making of the screen of helicopters. The glass is altered chemically so that it is stronger therefore it is strengthened and is 20 times more stiff and is 30 times more hard than plastic; These qualities makes the glass extra durable and more scratch resisting. The best part is that it is recyclable. The stainless steel band around the phone is made out of a unique alloy, which is stronger than the regular steel. The band provides the phone with an impressive structure which is very rigid and strong. The rigidity is what enables the phone to be so thin. The phone is 9.3 mm this and making iPhone 4 the thinnest smart phone in the world.

The chip used in the iPhone 4 is known as Apple A4 chip which superior to the other chips. It is very powerful and allows the users to perform complicated tasks like making FaceTime calls, editing videos and much more. These tasks can be performed all at once as well which makes the iPhone 4 the coolest phone ever!

iPhones have been known for their best camera results, but iPhone 4’s camera reaches a whole new level of good results. The camera is capable of capturing ravishingly beautiful 5 megapixel photos. The camera is also able to capture HD video as well. The camera is able to capture great pictures in dim light as well which is due to the advanced backside illuminating sensor. The phone also has an inbuilt LED which performs two tasks. It can work as a flash when taking pictures and when shooting a video it can illuminate the scene by staying on and working as a light. The front of the iPhone 4 also has a camera on the front which is perfect for making FaceTime calls and taking amazingly detailed self portraits.

iPhone 4 comes with the Dual Mic Noise Suppression System. This system helps in turning every phone conversation quiet because it blocks out the background noise. How it works is that there are two mics. The main mic is near the dock connector at the bottom. This mic is supposed to be used for making phone calls, giving commands and much more. The second mic is located at the top where the headphones jack. This mic can be used to make FaceTime calls and also it helps in reducing noise when making phone calls. It cuts down the sounds in the backgrounds drastically making the conversation easier and noise free.

The graphics of this new iPhone 4 are very impressive as well. The LCD is backlit. The display has a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch making the phone the highest resolution phone available in the market. In order to achieve this high resolution, Apple engineers have developed pixel of about 78 micrometers, i.e. they are so small that the human eye can’t make a distinction between individual pixels. All this and the experience of using iPhone 4 is enough to make a person a fan of this technology. With excellent colors and design this piece of technology is a must have!