If you love reading books and follow the best sellers all year long, they are now only a tap away. iPhone brings you iBooks, which is a great place for you to browse through thousands of books and to give you a satisfactory reading experience. You can now browse through books any time of the day and buy or download for free and many ebooks as you want. The retina screen provides you with amazing looking illustrations and brilliant colors which make the reading experience a delight. The sharp text is very pleasing to the eyes and you may find yourself lost in the world of books and lose track of time. When you tap the iBooks icon, a book shelf appears which becomes full as you download ebooks and, sooner than you think, it fills up with your favorite books. You can browse according to the title, genre and even according to the author. Not only that, the application allows you to check the New York Best Seller list as well. It also allows you to find your favorite book and do sample readings before you buy the ebook or download it free.

Unlike other phones, which force you to change you reading habits, iBooks allows you to change the look of the ebook according to your habits so that you don’t have to change. To suit your needs, iBooks is programmed so that you can adjust the brightness of the book according to your need. If you have any font preferences, that is not a problem too, because this application allows you to adjust the font size. The text adjusts itself to fit to the screen and it can also switch between portrait and landscape. If you don’t understand a work you don’t have to run and get a dictionary, because iBooks comes with an inbuilt dictionary. Also it has a feature called VoiceOver which can read to you the content of the page if you are not in the mood of reading.

iBooks allows you to visit iBookStore which has over 200,000 books available and this number increases every day. The publishers are able to create ebook versions easily because iBooks uses the popular format called ePub. Free ePub titles can be found on web by using your Mac and your PC. The books in iBooks are illustrated as well which unbelievable yet realistic colors that just pleasure the eyes and makes the reading an experience in itself. The best feature is that when you want to take a break iBooks saves the page and the line you left, and you don’t need to scroll down and flip through pages to find what you were reading. Also, if you find a piece of inspiration in the text you can highlight it bookmark it for future reference. This feature is particularly good for students. A variety of genres are available including cookbooks, baby books, art books etc, filled with gorgeous looking illustrations and pictures, making the reading very interesting. In addition to that there are many unpublished pieces that one can find and read.