Four years ago, in 2007, the Apple’s chief executive officer (CEO), Mr. Jobs P. Steven, launched the iPhone which after the launch immediately became the most popular and successful phone in the market among many consumers worldwide. The successful launch of the iPhone was also followed by thousands of customers streaming in to phone stores to purchase the latest version of the fourth generation phone, which was both computing and Wi-Fi enabled. The iPhone also came along with a computer like features integrated on a touch screen. Competitors rushed onto the market phones which had similar features to counter the market ripples which were created with the launch of iPhone phone

In 2010, with an intention to cripple the increasing stiffening competition from companies like the giant internet search engine company Google and others who are engaged in the smart phone business, Apple launched a new model of the iPhone that had a camera on the front face meant for video chats. The fourth generation phone became the most talked about smart phones among consumers, thus making it the most successful phone ever launched by Apple. It was also predicted that sales was going to rise tremendously when Verizon offered its model of the smart phone.

The long expected introduction of the iPhone on Verizon marked the end of exclusivity for AT & T. This was likely to impact positively on the smart phone market not only in the United States but also around the world alike. Consumer studies indicated that there is an increase in the demand of Verizon iPhone. Despite the increase, the demand is also large. This could be attributed to many consumers avoiding to purchase the smart phones because of the AT & T much talked about network faults.

Despite the extreme low winter temperature in New York on the month of February this year, consumers eager to purchase the latest version of fourth generation iPhone phones, jammed Apple and Verizon stores. Many consumers nevertheless agreed that, Apple and Verizon stores seemed to have prepared for the overwhelming demand of the iPhone 4. The upsurge in the demand for iPhone 4 was very different to the initial launch of the same smart phone the previous year on AT & T‘s network.

iPhone from Verizon can stir up millions of sales of the iPhone 4 and thus make it to retain its position as the most popular smart phone among consumers. Nevertheless, this may impact negatively on demand of Android devices, bulk of which are market and sold by Verizon wireless. Despite iPhone 4 being the most popular smart phone around the world, many phones manufacturers retail gadgets operating on Google’s Android software. Combined, this gadgets out do the sales of iPhone. If you thought that the yet to be released iPhone 5 will be expensive than the iPhone 4, then you are wrong. The cost of the five generation models will not be different to the current value of the iPhone 4.