Stephane  Richard, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of France Telecom and one of the renowned member of the worldwide Orange network in an exclusive interview with one of the media companies, discussed about the future for RIM, the challenges Microsoft Nokia could encounter, net neutrality and how to meet the cost for up surging needs of consumers.

Unexpectedly, he also talked about Apple’s intentions to eliminate the use of SIM cards from phones, which will make the next generation of iPhone much smaller and slimmer. Stephane Richard also confirmed that the giant iPhone manufacturer, Apple had been engaged in talks with the Orange networks to replace the SIM card with a software technology solution, what is referred to as electronic SIM (e-SIM) in telecommunication industry. Nevertheless, Orange networks do not agree with Apple’s idea of rendering SIM card useless and has termed the move misplaced and bad. The major concern of Orange network is the issue of security and authentication offered by the ordinary SIM card. Eliminating the use of the physical SIM card will therefore jeopardise the security of both the user and that of the state. In foreseeing the benefits of the concerns raised by the Orange networks, Apple embarked on a project in partnership with the Orange networks to reduce the size of SIM cards.

The aim of the project arose out of the need of space which was required by Apple to expand the memory and other feature of the new iPhone 5. Stephane Richard added that the next generation of iPhone, which is read to imply that the iPhone 5 will therefore be much smaller and thinner. Considering these aspects, the volume inside the phone casing will therefore go at a premium, and in case the SIM card is eliminated, the iPhone 5 would accommodate a lot of features making it the most powerful phone in the market.

The issue of eliminating the SIM card is nevertheless unforeseeable. For this reason, Apple will have to contend with the idea of reducing the SIM card size as the best alternative for its project. The expected new iPhone 5 features are still vague and are considered as rumours. Although still considered as rumours, the expectation is that the iPhone will have a slim and thin look with a larger graphics with an edge to edge display.

On the other hand, if the information regarded as a rumour at moment is a fact, then the new iPhone 5 will have a tapered look with a four inch edge to edge display. Apple has also recently invested heavily of a number of glass cutting machines and it is believed that the iPhone 5 glass cover will be made from this machines. With the small size of the iPhone, Apple will have to maximise on the small space available in the iPhone. As the small size inside the iPhone casing may impact negatively on the output of this project, eliminating the SIM card seemed a sure way of making the project successful.