The third generation iPhone was released in United States in 2007. According to Apple, the current iPhone 3Gs is much faster and has a more powerful features than its predecessor, iPhone 3G. Although the two smart phones have similar looks in form and design, the iPhone 3Gs has more outstanding features than iPhone 3G. This article highlights some of the best features of this outstanding and remarkable gadget. When introducing the iPhone 3Gs, Apple announced that the smart phone had a faster processor, better memory and outstanding performance capability. Although the iPhone 3G is not a bad phone, it has been noticed that it is rather slow when opening and closing applications.

There are two versions of iPhone 3Gs. These versions are categorised based on their storage capacity. The two versions are the 16 gigabytes (GB) and 32 GB iPhones. Its predecessor came with 4 GB, 6 GB or 10 GB storage capacity or memory. The iPhone 3G cannot be able to record a video and can be termed by many consumers as a phone that does not have basic features. Therefore, the addition of a video recording to the iPhone 3Gs is a major improvement to many consumers who may want to own an iPhone.

The improved version of the three generation phone also comes with a three mega pixel camera. The camera is auto focused, an improvement on the iPhone 3G, which is only two-mega pixel and is not auto focused. Although the camera of the improved version lacks a flash, the three mega pixel to a large extent improves the images shot. The ability of the camera to tap an area on the screen to focus on is remarkable and offer easier mobile photography.

The iPhone 3Gs also uses what its manufacturer terms as voice control. This feature enables the user to make a call at the same time play music while speaking. The feature can also locate entries in your contact directory. To make a call, the user only needs to say a name or phone number. The user can also command the iPhone to play a song in the album stored in the phone in a similar way.

The improved version of the iPhone 3G is also a navigating gadget. It has an inbuilt digital compass which works perfectly well with Google maps. This inbuilt compass rotates the maps to fit the direction the user is facing. Interestingly, for internet users, the iPhone is also a modem which can be connected either to a Mac or PC through a USB or other wireless connections like the Bluetooth in some wireless networks.

The phone has also certain features which enable peoples with disabilities to use the iPhone like the Voice Over function. This feature reads aloud what appears on the iPhone screen, zoom function with a possibility of magnification up to 5 times and improved contrast as a result of white displays on a black background. The iPhone is also Nike + iPod compatible accompanied with a remote enable headphones.