Users managed to get a glimpse of the iOS 5 at the World Developers Conference in San Francisco. There were plenty of predictions made and now it is time to see what has come to pass. Overall, it has been indicated that there will be more than 200 features in the new iOS, which will be available this fall. Most of the additions were incremental changes but nevertheless, very useful.




This particular app allows you to centralize all your magazine subscriptions. If you subscribe to a particular magazine, new issues will be automatically delivered, removing the need to manually update yourself.



One of the most relieving features of the new iOS is the integrated notifications systems that combine messages, app updates, missed calls, weather updates and a stock ticker, all in one place.



Thankfully, Apple seems to have paid a lot of attention to the Tweet mania going around. Now you can post pictures directly from the image gallery or camera app and sync Twitter with your contacts. In addition, you can Tweet while on YouTube, Safari or Maps.



The Web browser will get a reader option. Some of the interesting features include the ability to e-mail an entire text selection to a contact and bookmarking WebPages on a reading list for future reference.



Now you can create and store multiple to-do lists with additional information such as dates and locations.



The camera gets a lot of attention in this update. For instance, a shortcut will allow you to access the camera instantly. Other features will include a new zoom interface, autofocus and picture quality settings.



Mail will now include features such as rich text formatting, ability to drag address between to, cc, and bcc lines, and the ability to search within the body of a message.


PC Free

Now you can gain access to over-the-air software updates and device activations.


Game Center

Improvements include new gaming profiles, point systems and access to new games.



This app will allow you to exchange a limitless amount of messages amongst all iOS 5 devices at no extra-cost.