Hardcore Apple fans have hailed the iOS 5 yet another testament to the innovative skills of Apple. However, it is time to take a critical perspective here. The fact is that numerous features of the “new” iOS system include features that already exist on Android devices, something conveniently overlooked by many Apple fans. It is important to give credit where credit is due and we hope to do this in a constructive manner, because blindly praising Apple for every gadget and update without critically analyzing it the context of its major competitors will only lead to its customers accepting and even tacitly encouraging second-rate performance from Apple.

The following are some of the features that are already well established in all Android devices.

Over-the-air-updates: Android users had access to over-the air updates for a long time now and it is amazing how this simple feature, which is already a major part of Apple’s competitors, has been labeled as major update. The truth is Apple is just playing catch-up. Thankfully, we would no longer have to plug in our phones our computers to update our iOS devices.

Cloud Synchronization: Over at Google, cloud synchronization has been used for so long that it is now taken for granted. The sync feature allows users to integrate all their apps, information and personal settings amongst a variety of different devices. Apple has finally stepped up its game and by the looks of it, going to make a major effort to compete with Google.

Notification Center: Google laid the path to the integrated notification center and it is surprising that Apple has taken so long to do the same, especially considering the fact that this was one of the most annoying features about iOS devices.

Twitter: the new iOS will features integrated Twitter features which will allow users to tweet while on the image gallery or camera app. In addition, they can also directly access Twitter while on YouTube and Safari. However, while this may seem pretty cool, Android users have been enjoying this feature for a long time now.

Overall, we are glad Apple is finally introducing these improvements. Perhaps, it will be able to work its magic and really improve on them later on.