Since the inception of the iPhones into the market, the face of the mobile phone industry has really changed. This can be attributed to the fact that the iPhone is more than a simple mobile device. It is a smart phone that provides powerful features that the user can enjoy. There are different models of the iPhone in the market today with each being an upgrade of the other. The technology is getting better by the day and one wonders what next for Apple.

The iPhone 5 is definitely something to watch out for. It is designed to be smaller, slimmer with a tiny sim card. The Orange network realized that Apple had a desire to eliminate the sim cards from the phones.  Apple has actually been trying to discuss this possibility with the networks that are to design a software solution for this. This venture is referred to as the e-sim. However, the networks have pointed out that this could be a terrible idea because of factors such as security and even the verification that is offered by the physical kind of sim card. Apple understood this point and instead of this approach decided to design smaller sim cards.

The main reason behind coming up with the smaller sim card is actually the fact that Apple requires additional space.  The next iPhone which is IPhone 5 is designed to be much smaller and thinner as compared to the iPhone 4. This will definitely require more space and therefore if the sim card is smaller then more features can be fitted. Since more space is desired, then a reduction in the size of the sim card is required.

All the rumors about the iPhone 5 point towards having a slimmer gadget. The issue about it being too small can be contended since it will have a much bigger display in comparison to the iPhone 4. Going with the word that is being spread around, the iPhone 5 should have a design that is tapered fitted with a design that has got dimensions of four inch between the edges. The cover made of glass will take on a curved shape based on the fact that Apple has recently purchased machines specially designed to cut glass. In general the phone will be smaller which makes Apple face the challenge of looking for space to fit in all the features that they require on the phone. Doing away with the sim card sounded great but since it is not recommended by the experts then Apple has to think out of the box for other kind of options.

Most people would want to buy a new iPhone but are challenged with resources. On the web you can find people who are selling their iPhones in a bid to upgrade. Most of these iPhones are in good condition and therefore landing on a good deal would not be that difficult. The best approach is to carry out extensive research online and who knows you could be the next owner of an iPhone from Apple.